Goyen/Mecair New Control System

Goyen/Mecair New Control System

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From simple analog sequential timers to networked filter cleaning controls which can operate up to a thousand reverse pulse jet valves, and including the advanced cleaning controls for gas turbine intake filter systems, the Goyen and Mecair controllers set the global standard for quality and reliability.
The combined product range covers the entire spectrum from standalone systems to systems with as many as 360 separate output variables, in continuous mode or in on-demand mode. The new range of continuous mode reverse pulse jet valve controllers have been designed to meet every international electronics standard, including UL, CE, FCC and RCM.
Goyen and Mecair continuous mode controllers range from the tough and reliable DS to the PGT, which features heavy duty connectors and was designed for bigger systems and a wide temperature range.
Goyen and Mecair reverse pulse jet valve controllers are available as a bare board or with a polycarbonate enclosure and interface module. Designed to operate with all types and brands of reverse pulse jet valves, they are available for various voltage outputs and operational temperatures ranging from -40 °C (-40°F) to 70°C (158°F).

Please find more details from GOYEN official website: https://goyenmecair.pentair.com/en/products/filter-cleaning-controllers


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